Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana ,India - 500033

About KSI Textiles

Garment Manufacturer in India, Since 1994

Recognizing the need for Organic Cotton, KSI Textile Station India Pvt Ltd was formed. The Company was started with a core vision to establish a sustainable textile supply chain with global quality standards. We partnered with Zameen Organics which is a farmer producer company that grows organic and fair trade certified cotton in Telangana, Maharashtra, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh.

With the wide experience of more than 28 years in the textile field and with our dedicated team comprising experts in different departments, we can handle various products from design, through fabrics to apparel production to finishing and delivery on time.

  • 28 Years of Experience
  • 2000 machine capacity unit
  • 2000+ Skilled Workforce
  • End to End Vertical Setup
  • GOTS & GRS Certifications
  • Specialized in Organic Cotton
Founder & Chairman
Satish Chukkapalli

An Ultimate Textile Brand in Market since 1994

Satish Chukkapalli is an MBA in International Marketing and HR. Satish Chukkapalli has 28 years experience in the field of International Marketing & Product Development of Textile garments Manufacturing and exporting Fair-trade & Organic textiles to major fashion brands across global. Expert in structuring the social sustainable textile supply chain from Organic cotton fields to the Leading Textile brands around the world is his core domain strengths.