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About us

Our Directors

KSI ORGANICS is a registered brand of KSI TEXTILE STATION INDIA PVT LTD. The thought which started as a small family business in 1994, has now come of age to become a globally recognized, ethically responsible and sustainable apparel manufacturing company that still believes in its roots. The movement towards sustainability has now gained pace and we as a company are proud to be a part of it.

To ethically manufacture good quality, sustainable apparel for our customers within the agreed timelines and price points.

We have good dedicated and loyal team for our strong progress in the business over these years. Long standing customers are the biggest potential for our successful business term.

About Zameen Organics

Cotton is the world’s most widely traded agricultural commodity, but it is also one of the world’s most toxic to grow. In India, it is one of the largest producers of cotton. Zameen Organics Pvt Ltd has pioneered a business model for sustainable cotton production. This business model is based on environmental stewardship and concern for the health and equity of farmers engaged in growing cotton. Zameen’s approach to business illustrates the principles of strategic corporate social responsibility, a business approach that leverages a company’s distinctive competencies to address external issues. By this, all stakeholders, not just shareholders, are enriched.

With wide experience and expertise for more than 28 years in the field of sustainable cotton growing, sustainable textile manufacturing with strong partnerships with sustainable brands around the world, KSI Textiles station supply chain is unique and transparent with high quality and standards.

Our Production Teams

The company has a strong technical team of designers, pattern technicians, garment technicians and production managers, among others. Our factories are located in the south of India in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Bangalore, Hindupur, and our head office is located in Hyderabad.

The company has a strong German technical team of designers, pattern technicians, garment technicians etc. In combination with Indian fibre, fabric & garment dyeing technicians, who have hands-on experience of 28 years in the textile processing and manufacturing segment. As part of their collaboration, the teams will cater to established European brands.

The factory manager of our Indian factory will have 28 years of experience in garment production, having worked in Germany, Turkey, and India in the past. She is supported by German quality controllers, machine and garment technicians and a committed team of second level managers, merchandisers, line supervisors, finishing supervisors, packing supervisors etc.,


Production Facility

KSI Textile Station India Pvt Ltd processes all the fabrics by itself and the stitching is done at a dedicated stitching facility in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Bangalore, and Hindupur factories. The factory has a capacity of 20000 units per month. KSI produces organic weaves, knits & denims.

  • ✔  International quality standards range
  • ✔  Well equipped manufacturing facility
  • ✔  Expert team of industrial designers and other supporting staff
  • ✔  Customized packaging
  • ✔  Competitive prices